Our Team

At Cultiver Group our team is firmly rooted in the belief that…

  • People want their lives to serve a purpose greater than their own self-interest

  • People desire to be productive and want to bring added value to work

  • People have an incredible capacity for learning, growth, and development

By choosing Cultiver Group you gain access to an exceptional team of learning, strategy, organizational development, and coaching experts that have over 25 years of experience in bringing RESULTS:

  • Real-World Solutions

  • Evidence-Based Strategies

  • Service-Oriented Commitment

  • Unparalleled Learning

  • Lasting Change

  • Transformative Experiences

  • Superior Execution

Our Founder

Michael J. Coffey, MA
Michael has developed a reputation as a dynamic, innovative, and motivational leader with over 25 years of experience as a team builder and executive coach. His ability to ask the right questions coupled with his ability to think creativity, strategically, and practically gives those he works with a “competitive advantage” in developing winning strategies for their future and the future of their organizations.

Our Vision & Mission

We are keenly aware that “business as usual” is no longer sufficient
The rate of change is too great, the economic realities are too volatile, and the knowledge worker is too transient to rely on outdated training and organizational development practices. We appreciate how the past has positively impacted organizations, yet we realize – as you do - that innovative thinking and innovative approaches are needed to meet today's demands and the pace of change.

We work with you to build your leadership culture through developing your people. We partner with you to intentionally and strategically coach and train people to connect with purpose, increase alignment, and experience the rewards of adding value. Imagine the results of fully tapping into the commitment, passion, experience, and creativity of your team as they drive business results.

By providing employees opportunities for personal and professional learning, growth, and development aligned with your organizations vision, mission, and strategic goals you produce a culture that is second to none.

When you execute on your mission, we execute on ours!

Our Commitment to Results

Our mission is to partner with you to cultivate outstanding leaders, grow organizational capacity, and produce exceptional RESULTS.

  • We engage your organization with customized training, coaching, and consulting through a positive, high-involvement, application-oriented approach.

  • Training and development programs are scheduled to ensure they don’t negatively affect participants’ performance and productivity.

  • Training programs are designed to avoid the participant mindset that sessions are just another useless exercise that’s not relevant to them and they’re simply showing up to appease management.

  • We avoid presenting an overabundance of materials that can be easily stored away, never to be seen again.

  • We use proven methodologies that show a tangible return on investment.

  • We integrate best practices with cutting-edge learning strategies.

  • We are committed to utilizing research-based approaches in the areas of leadership, management, organizational development, and learning.

  • Our execution is based on success metrics as defined by you.

  • Our team of results-driven leadership, learning, and organizational development experts has an unprecedented commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • We seek to develop long-term partnerships with a select group of clients, a philosophy that allows us to successfully learn your mission and culture, and effectively train, coach, and support your teams.

  • Our unique pipeline of professional training, coaching, and consulting services are focused on one thing: helping you accomplish your mission.

  • We treat participants with the dignity, respect, care, and support they deserve to maximize their individual potential.

  • Our assessments include the best practice elements of training, coaching, and consulting for maximum effectiveness.

  • Since we partner with you, we learn your business and culture before delivering meaningful, relevant services that lead to organizational improvement.

  • Our passionate, high-energy people are strong, active listeners who apply information and experiences to each participant’s specific needs.

  • We employ experts who have marketplace knowledge and experience and aren’t just theoretical trainers. They supply personal experiences, examples, and anecdotes to enhance participant understanding.

  • We connect to your organization with the intent to become an extension of your staff in fulfilling your mission.

  • We help you discover new things about your organization so you can move forward with better clarity, focus, and direction.

  • Our team is committed to helping you activate your strategy and accelerate realistic, lasting change.

  • We engage participants so they personally own content, concepts, and strategies; can apply them immediately, and demonstrate behavioral change.

  • We employ one-on-one coaching to reinforce training content, a differentiator that enhances your investment of time and resources.

  • Participants receive personal assistance to apply session information to their specific jobs, something typically unheard of in the conference/training session world.

  • We design and deliver using generative learning processes that balance the acquisition of information with practical applications.

  • We use technology and media in a thoughtful way for better participant engagement.

  • We avoid an over-reliance on lecture formats and death by PowerPoint.

  • Our unique organization of leadership and management specialists is called to serve and partner with intellect, passion, and excellence.

  • Our strategic focus helps to build bridges that move your organization from ideas and good intentions to actually accomplishing your mission.

  • We emphasize ongoing engagement with your organization to operationalize training and ensure content is applied as evidenced by behavioral change and measurable improvement.